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Objectives of AROI

Association of Radio Operators of India (AROI) was established with following objectives:

  • To act as central organization of Radio Broadcasters of India.
  • To promote and safeguard the business interests of its members incidental to the running of their radio stations, and to take suitable steps in respect of such business as are affected by the action of legislatures, governments, government corporations, boards, authorities, law courts, municipal and local bodies, associations, companies and organizations, commentcial or otherwise.
  • To anticipate and take action on issues of taxation, common charges and levies by authorities dealing with broadcasting like Prasar Bharati, BECIL etc.
  • To hold periodical conferences of its members to discuss and determine action on matters of common business interest.
  • To promote co-operation on all matters affecting the common business interests of its members.
    To take up activities which will enhance the professional competence of its members and their personnel in all spheres of broadcasting.
  • To collect subscriptions and other contributions from its members for the recurrent expenses of the society.
  • To monitor and settle the payments due to the members from advertising agencies and other service operators, and establish necessary mechanism, including collection of security deposits.
  • To make rules and regulations to govern the conduct of its members in accordance with the decision of the society, to provide penalties for the infringement thereof and to provide means of determining whether there has been such infringement.